Our Team

As commercial leaders first, Patrick and Michaela have over the last 10 years built a team of 20 engaged and passionate consultants who we call Team Coaches. With their variety of commercial backgrounds, locations and experience, we’re able to support the diverse nature of our clients and their needs from our offices in Leamington Spa.

We only work with Team Coaches who have the ability to wear these five hats – often all at the same time!

  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Learning expert
  • Business consultant
  • … and be there for you
This is us, we call ourselves Team Green!


Patrick Marr

Managing Director

Patrick Marr, Managing Director

As Managing Director and founder of Leading Edge, Patrick has built the business on the belief that it’s Leadership and Engagement that make the difference. He loves to talk about this belief, his children (all 5 of them) and rugby (number 8).

Michaela Weller

Director of Brand & Experience

Michaela Weller, Director of Brand & Experience

Director of Brand and Experience means Michaela (otherwise known as ‘M’) is all about the Leading Edge ‘offer’ – our points of view, our brand, our solutions. She has a streak of red energy which ‘gets things done’ with a real focus on results-based solutions. She lives in Bicester (great meeting location while shopping!) and in a Coach in Running Fitness for RunTogether, part of the England Athletics development activities for community sport.

Head of Client Experience

Victoria Freer-Hewish

Head of Client Experience

Victoria Freer-Hewish, Head of Client Experience

Victoria’s been in our gang for a while and she fits right in! She’s a super experienced L&D expert who brings her knowledge of great delivery with impact to managing the client experience with our Team Coaches. A Starbucks addict who is known as ‘Dolly’ for her 9 to 5 dancing skills (video evidence available on request), she loves seeing our solutions have impact

Our Team Coaches

Scott Alford

Team Coach

Scott Alford, Team Coach

In a recent Jousting event Scott was given the handle ‘The Wizard of OZ’, which is quite appropriate given the magic he creates for the groups he facilitates and trains. Originally from ‘Down Under’ Scott travels the world creating results within clients organisations.

Caroline Hampson

Team Coach

Caroline Hampson, Team Coach

Caroline brings a level of detail and a love of analysis that turns the rest of us green with envy! She’s balanced 20 years’ experience in MARS, with over 5 years consulting and even found time to author a book.

John Fletcher ‘Fletch’

Team Coach

John Fletcher ‘Fletch’, Team Coach

Fletch credits Stuart Lancaster at the RFU as the ‘the best boss that I have ever had!’   After 10 year developing a great Performance Pathway for England youth, Fletch describes his portfolio role now as ‘the most excited that I have ever been… To work with people who share my values, my moral compass and my passion to make a difference to people and their environments. ‘

Sarah Kelleher

Team Coach

Sarah Kelleher, Team Coach

Sarah is a high performance coaching expert, in her fifth cycle as Lead Coach, England Hockey U18 Girls with experience as assistant coach to GB / England U21.   Her senior international playing career, spanned 10 years including her tenure  Irish Captain, provides her with amazing insight on what it takes to achieve in high performance environments.

She is also a qualified NLP Coach and Master NLP Practitioner with more recent qualifications in Advanced Coaching & Neuroscience, Mindfulness CBT and as a LEGO Serious Play facilitator.

She is the proud Mum of her six-year-old boy and in her ‘free time’, she has renovated an old ruin to set up a Wellness Centre in the rolling hills of Le Marche, Italy.

Mike McClellan

Team Coach

Mike McClellan, Team Coach

Mike has an armful of personality profiling and EQ credentials, but marries them with a pragmatic and commercial drive for results. His Army Officer experience means we also all stand a little bit straighter when he’s around.

Clare Burgum

Team Coach

Clare Burgum, Team Coach

Or IronWoman as we know her, Clare’s triathlon exploits have us all in awe. When she’s not running, cycling or swimming Clare is an expert facilitator for High Performing Teams, and personal coach for Senior Managers. She has great professional impact and is constantly recommended from client to client.

Nigel Rothband

Team Coach

Nigel Rothband, Team Coach

With a background of over 30 years in the Retail Sector, and more recently the Charity sector, Nigel brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a great passion for engagement, and people development. He’s an avid Manchester City supporter.. and opens batting for his local cricket club.

Wendy Forrester

Team Coach

Wendy Forrester, Team Coach

Wendy is a Leadership Development specialist, among all her other talents, of course. She thrives on supporting leaders and their team’s to reach their potential, and loves a challenge.

Don Barrell

Team Coach

Don Barrell, Team Coach

Sam Eddleston

Team Coach

Sam Eddleston, Team Coach

Sam is arguably our most Zen like Team Coach… she’s unflappable (we think… we haven’t tested it too far!), and considered and has a calming energy in a business full of yellow-energy trainers!   She has a passion for learning and is our go-to expert in all things Lumina Spark and Insights Discovery.  Weekends caravanning are obviously good for the soul.

Lesley Roberts

Team Coach

Lesley Roberts, Team Coach

A lover of the outdoors, Lesley likes nothing more than working out in the fresh air and using this change of scenery to help her groups to gain perspective and allow the learning to begin. She’s is full of energy, is an experienced coach and has a real passion for developing leaders and teams. Oh and by the way… she’s sailed around the world!

Janine Owen

Team Coach

Janine Owen, Team Coach

Janine has a natural curiosity about people and teams which makes her a natural in the Team Coach arena. She’s an expert engagement consultant with a focus on real results, as well as a mum of two with penchant for story telling.

Dave Buffham

Team Coach

Dave Buffham, Team Coach

As an Activity Manager and a Team Coach, Dave brings a dry sense of humour, tonnes of facilitation experience and an extensive retail background, along with a real passion for Insights Discovery. So he fits right in round here!

Tracey West

Team Coach

Tracey West, Team Coach

With a focus on ensuring our delivery meets client expectations, Tracey’s an expert facilitator and coach for senior teams. When she’s not doing that, she’s either out on a family bike ride, or singing karaoke!

Patrick McMaster

Team Coach

Patrick McMaster, Team Coach

Valerie Arnold

Team Coach

Valerie Arnold, Team Coach

Brussels based Valerie brings some European glamour and perspective to TeamGreen! She is a bundle of energy with a core focus on making a difference to the people she works with

Neil Mundell-Phipps

Team Coach

Neil Mundell-Phipps, Team Coach

Master Practitioner in not just NLP, but also Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, as one of our Activity Managers as well as a Team Coach, Neil brings an enlightening perspective to individual and team development conversations. Luckily, he’s never asked us to ‘look into my eyes, not around the eyes’

John Anderson photo

John Anderson

Team Coach

John Anderson, Team Coach

How about this for a CV: unprecedented success during his 20 years as Performance Director of British Canoeing, prior to that, 23 years in the RAF and an MBE! Having recently turned his focus to Executive and Team coaching.. you’ll want him onboard with you and your team!

Jules Northfield

Team Coach

Jules Northfield, Team Coach

Having started out as a numbers person, working in the City, Jules swiftly worked out that she was definitely more of a people person, and hasn’t looked back since. Jules brings a healthy mix of fun and getting the job done to the room.

Chris Leggett

Team Coach

Chris Leggett, Team Coach

Our problem solving, super methodical, golf playing, Team Coach Chris loves seeing the positive impact coaching can have on people and teams. So much so, he also facilitates coaching certificate programmes inspiring many others to develop their skills

Ian Shreeve

Team Coach

Ian Shreeve, Team Coach

Support Team

Danielle Lees

Operations Manager

Danielle Lees, Operations Manager

Danielle is our Oracle – she knows everything about everything operationally. She works to keep our processes simple and make sure that everyone has the right resources for smooth operations. A good mix of blue and red colour energy and a no-nonsense approach keeps the most verbose of us in check!

Sara Mouriño

Client Support

Sara Mouriño, Client Support

Gopi Purewal (On Maternity Leave)

Client Support

Gopi Purewal (On Maternity Leave), Client Support

Tracy Dell

Tracy Thompson

PA to Patrick

Tracy Thompson, PA to Patrick

Nicola Case

PA to Michaela

Nicola Case, PA to Michaela

Board Advisers

Tim Smeaton

Board Adviser

Tim Smeaton, Board Adviser

As an advisory member of our board, Tim brings a depth of experience from building a global business over 15 years, bags of wit and a huge amount of enthusiasm for the Leading Edge business