High Performance Insights

Curated by Leading Edge

“The way we work has changed forever, but, as our research and the report has shown, these changes will be for the better. ”

- Patrick Marr, Owner Director of Leading Edge

High Performance Insights 2021

Through the multitude of complex challenges organisations have had to struggle with over the past two-years, some haven’t just survived, they’ve thrived.

They have accelerated their growth, scale and performance exponentially.  Others have simply managed to maintain a holding pattern and are now getting ready to ‘go-again’ in 2022.


“The pandemic may have upset the established order, but it has provided a genuine chance for us all to reframe, renew, and revitalise the way we approach work. This report aims to give you and your whole organisation clear insight into driving high performance for 2022 and beyond.”

- Patrick Marr, Owner Director of Leading Edge

Leading Edge Leadership TeamIn a bid to better understand how these high performance organisations managed to adapt, overcome, and prosper, we’ve conducted our own research with over 250 industry leaders across a multitude of sectors from management to engineering, sport to fashion.

We’ve also gathered insight from some of the most recognisable global and high-performing organisations including Levi Strauss & Co, Mars, Glanbia, Jaguar Land Rover, Sally Beauty, West Ham United, England and Wales Cricket Board, and The Football Association.

The research  – ‘High Performance Insights – Curated by Leading Edge’  – explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on organisations and examines how senior leaders are in a position to implement positive changes that will help shape the future of business performance.

Through this extensive research, we’ve identified five key drivers to high performance success.

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