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“Leadership is action, not position”

- Donald McGannon, US broadcasting industry exec

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Leadership diagram.

We believe leadership is the root cause of most organisational successes – and failures. From the organisation’s metrics to the meeting format, the leadership ‘shadow’ is a long one. We’ve observed and listened, coached, and facilitated hundreds of leaders over the past 25 years, and our reflections have defined our point of view on leadership.

At the heart of our leadership point of view is sustainability, while navigating ambiguity. That’s where our three tensions of leadership are ever-present. Whether we’re working 1:1 with senior executives, training and developing a cohort of new leaders in their first leadership role or provoking a shift in behaviour or leadership skill for 200+ leaders across an organisation, our Team Coaches focus on pragmatic commitment to action.

I feel that my management skills have most certainly improved as a result of the PPP programme. The useful advice received on styles and techniques to apply in certain situations was of enormous benefit, but more so the programme provided me with assurance of my own management style and insight into how to effectively communicate with colleagues who have a different style to my own. A major benefit was working closely with colleagues from other areas of the business with whom I have now struck up very close working relationships and, as a result, now have a wider understanding of the Group.

- Matt Clarke, Ticketing & Customer Services Manager, WRU Group

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