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“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished”

- Benjamin Franklin, US founding father

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Change diagram.

We think change management is a ‘fat phrase’. It gets used as a label for everything from a new system integration, to organisation redesign, to an aspirational competence for leaders. What underpins all these definitions of change management is that success is anchored in collective and individual identity, belief, skill and behaviour.

Our Team Coaches work with leaders, teams and organisations to understand change, and the role they need to contribute to success. We’ve supported Sally Beauty and Wickes with large scale change initiatives, hundreds of global MARS and Levis teams to move together, and countless individuals through 1:1 coaching for performance.

Effecting a culture shift in a multi-site retailer is always a challenge. Leading Edge was an awesome partner in this journey, helping us to define where we wanted to go and then guiding and facilitating our leaders and managers to really own the change.

The commercial results have been outstanding and the programme was the foundation to what has been an amazing new management structure in the shops.
The role Leading Edge played was pivotal to the pace and sustainability of this change.

- Mike Hollis, Chief Operating Officer, Wickes

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