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Team Green welcomes John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

Leading Edge is delighted to welcome former rugby professional and England coach John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher to Team Green in the role of Team Coach. Fletch played first team rugby for Tynedale, Northampton, Newcastle and Gosforth, and was awarded England honours with A team selection. His impressive coaching career began with Newcastle Falcons, where he joined

How have you developed a change culture in your company?

Last week we put out the Twitter poll: “How have you developed a change culture in your company?”   The top response with 100% of the votes was: Shared beliefs and goals   Now it’s your turn! Let us know how you have developed a cahnge aculture within your company by posting below.   Thanks

Would you like to join Leading Edge?

Leading Edge are continuing our growth journey and we have an exciting opportunity to recruit a Director of Operations and Business Development. Leading Edge is not an ordinary company and we are not looking for an ordinary Director of Operations and Business Development This is a fast paced, constantly changing environment which is exciting, fun and

Results from the Question of the Week last week …

High performance is a hot topic for many of our clients in the sporting and business world. Last week we put out the Twitter poll: “How have you engaged your whole organisation to achieve high performance?” The top (equally scoring) responses were: 83% said they had one shared goal or vision.  17% said they set

Exploring ikigai this summer

This week’s blog follows last week’s ‘holiday recharge’ theme – exploring how we can make the most of our summer holidays (can you guess what I’m looking forward to…?). For many people the holiday period is not only a chance to recharge batteries, but also to take a step back and take stock of their

Holiday Recharge!

As the last week of school approaches for many families, there’s lots of excited playground chatter about what people will be up to over the summer holidays. Which got me thinking about holidays and their effect on us.   The benefits of relieving stress and boosting wellbeing are well known, but what else can we do

Question of the Week… responses revealed

Talent development is a hot topic for many of our clients.  Last week we put out the Twitter poll: “How do you recognise and support talent coming through your business?” The top (equally scoring) responses were: In our amazing culture! Rewards programme set-up! And, we had no responses for: We need to do more! Suggesting

Spotted any ‘chimps’ in the England camp?

As the England football team plays their first World Cup games, the importance of team and high performance is topical this week. We’re big fans of applying learnings from sport to business (and vice versa).  When a team comes under some pressure, the strength of the relationships and how well members can support each other

We all need Highly Effective Team Players

Highly Effective Teams has been one of the cornerstones of our Leading Edge expertise for a number of years now.  It typically takes shape as a series of 3 x 1-2 day events exploring, sharing, confirming and committing to key aspects of team performance. Excitingly we have developed this further with one of our clients,

Leadership (with a small ‘l’)

Leadership in a sporting context is often very visual: the captain’s armband, a vocal player on the pitch or a passionate coach giving direction from the sidelines. And leadership can be similarly visual in a business environment where a job title, having line management responsibility or – although less so in the modern workplace –