Leading Edge Performance – our new business name

Leading Edge and Performance Edge are delighted to announce our intention to merge as one business –‘Leading Edge Performance’

In the two years since Performance Edge formed, joint projects between the two businesses have created sustainable impact for the clients who have engaged the distinct services.  This impact has proven that we are simply ‘better together’, leading to the decision to merge the businesses.

In line with this decision, we will be introducing an account management structure to continue to ensure we provide exceptional service to our clients.   We are delighted to announce that Olivia Perry and Sarah Wright have been appointed to Key Account Manager roles for the new business.

Patrick Marr, Owner Director of Leading Edge and of Performance Edge says ‘We are all excited by the growth of Performance Edge and its very positive effect on Leading Edge – and have enjoyed working together as a team of ‘Edgers’!   We have stated an intent to form a new business and organisational structure and have already taken the step to appoint Ollie and Sarah, who will add immense value to our team and to our clients.’

Ian Leman, Owner Director of Performance Edge adds “We can all see the potential of working even more closely together as one business, with a combined focus on high performance.  The decision to merge as one business will only further enable our ability to deliver impact for clients.’

Chris Musgrove, Owner Director of Performance Edge stresses “Although we’ll be able to harness the operational gains that merging brings, both Performance Edge and Leading Edge will retain their distinct brand and services, as well as continuing to seek out new and innovative routes to elevate human performance together.”

Whilst we need to work out the finer details of this new business operation, all of the directors of both businesses are excited to form a new board with immediate effect.

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