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Themes and insights from Southampton FC

by Ian Leman

17 July 2021

Some of the Performance Edge team recently spent time working at the Swansea City Football Club Academy in glorious South Wales.

In line with Performance Edge’s guiding principle of “be useful”, the team have collated some of their reflections and snippets from the day, that sparked their interest, and that could be useful for you:

⚽ High performers spend time “looking in the mirror, not out the window,” focusing on self improvement, ownership and honestly.

⚽ Energy in = energy out. If you give focus, enthusiasm and energy, then you get focus, enthusiasm and energy from your people.

⚽ Finding ways to consistently have “safe conflict” is critical for learning and high performance.

At Performance Edge we have supported business and sport find ways to explore constructive conflict, handle difficult interactions and have performance enhancing conversations.

If you want to find out about how we could support your high performers, please get in touch.

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