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Decompression in the mountains

by Ian Leman

18 May 2022

Last week was our first Performance Edge offsite meeting. Instead of days sitting around a boardroom table, we took the opportunity to venture to Switzerland to decompress and reflect on the last 10 months and plan for the year ahead.

I was asked to provide some reflections on the whole experience and I have 4 clear ones:

1-   Switzerland wins the scenery game, at times I actually felt a bit annoyed at how beautiful it is.

2-     When you are busy it feels counterintuitive to stop and reflect, that was how I felt going in, but there is real value in slowing down, it does present options to speed up / be efficient.

3-     You can create a gym out of anything, anywhere…. Take a look at the log in the image!

4-     The environment in which you give feedback to each other is absolutely crucial.

How feedback impacts the performance of our teams

It’s my opinion that the way in which we provide feedback to each other is a human force multiplier which directly impacts the performance of our teams.

There was something (and I wish I could be more accurate with what that was but I am still working it out) disarming about giving and receiving feedback in nature, in a dynamic fashion (out on a walk, around a fire for example) that diluted the threat, made the points engaging, and which ultimately made them stick.

If you are about to give feedback or engage in a difficult conversation with someone I encourage you to really think about the physical environment you are about to use.

Ask yourself – “How can I make the environment as safe and as engaging as possible?”

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