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Reflections on consistency and sharing from our Swansea City academy leadership day

by Chris Musgrove

27 August 2021

We’ve been back at the Swansea City Football Club Academy to follow up with some debriefing and decompression of their recent day spent with the British Army. Having conducted some hot debriefs during the day itself, the team were working with the coaches to explore what had been assimilated during the time they’ve had to pause, process, and reconnect with their work, and to discuss areas they were still mentally wrestling with.

In the interest of ‘being useful’ the team have captured a few observations that stuck out for us and might spark some ideas for the weekend:

⚽ It’s important to find ways of sharing knowledge with people who have missed significant events. There will be multiple barriers to how people engage with learning from something they haven’t experienced. Lowering these barriers prevents in and out groups forming around experiences and supports the flow of information.

⚽ Consistency of message over time is important in forming performance behaviours. Inconsistency and incongruence between what you say and what you do can confuse people, leading them to default to behaviour that doesn’t support performance goals.

Football players on a training pitch
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