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Normalising Mental Skills

by Chris Musgrove

31 March 2022

This month I finished Aaron Walsh‘s course, Normalising Mental Skills and thought, in the spirit of being useful, I’d share some reflections on this thought-provoking and insightful series of sessions.

1) Be intentional and plan.

Recognising the value of developing mindset is not enough – it needs to be acted on in a meaningful way!

2) Maintain a strengths-based focus.

It’s hard to do and we often resort to pointing out what went wrong in something (so we end up chasing faults rather than bringing our strengths onto a challenge). Emphasising strength encourages people to focus their energy where it is most useful in the long run.

3) Pressure is going nowhere.

Whether you’re in business, sport, a parent; you, and the people around you, will encounter pressure. Rather than shying away from it or trying to reduce it, consider how you can embrace it.

The provocations and discussions have immediately impacted my mental skills journey with Canterbury Rugby Football Club, and have also translated into my work here at Performance Edge, especially in helping organisations think about their focus during deep dives into their challenges and experiences.

When he runs a course again, I’d highly recommend it! Whether you’re just starting out on a mental skills journey, are a seasoned practitioner or want to enhance your ability to coach.

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