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How can perspective support performance within a team?

by Chris Musgrove

6 May 2022

This week I wanted to reflect on a session Performance Edge was invited to run for the British Triathlon Federation by Matt Jefferson, and share some of my reflections that were sparked by their questions and comments.

The session explored how performance is enhanced by perspective taking, which gives groups with very different experiences and skills the ability to come together and collaborate, disagree effectively and move forwards towards common goals.

A few reflections in the spirit of “being useful”:

🗣️ Language really matters.

Organisations and teams develop their own language, definitions and turns of phrase, and understanding these is essential for really engaging in other perspectives.

Assumptions about meaning, and how much others understand you can lead to teams getting stuck in a perspective clash.

😌 Are you prioritising tranquillity over performance?

Environments that perform consistently create space for disagreement, encourage the exchange of ideas and lean into perspective clashes. The easy thing can be to avoid them (seeking tranquillity). But tranquillity does not necessarily lead to performance. Finding time and space for constructive dissent and discussion, and giving people the skills to navigate these moments can be the difference between good and great performances.

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