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Observations on how culture, data and positivity build success

by Chris Musgrove

16 March 2022

Over the weekend myself and Victoria Freer-Hewish hosted clients, friends and family of Leading-Edge and Performance Edge, watching England U20 vs Ireland U20.

England U20s Six nations game against Ireland U20s

It was a joy to be in a room with so many people and to meet the families of the people we work with. Having the opportunity to develop more personal relationships with people was fantastic (and I learned more about rugby in 10 mins with an U9s player than I thought possible!).

Loads of interesting conversations and observations, but a few highlights for me were:

1. The poise and dignity of the England players who had lost, but still spent time with fans and families, despite the result. They chose to respond positively, rather than react negatively, at what must have been a difficult moment for them. Not easy to do, credit to the work they’ve done together.

2. The idea that the meaning of tactical and technical data can vary so hugely between settings. Codified statistical information gathered in one team or segment of a business can mean something totally different in another.

3. How successful organisations are starting at environment, values and culture and working the rest out from there, rather than building a “technically sound” organisation and then trying to retrofit a culture and value set.

If you’d like to connect with Leading-Edge or Performance Edge and pick up one of these conversations or join the community of people then reach out to one of the team.

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