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Upside Down Leadership and Timpson’s Success

A recent series of solo car journeys has seen me turn to podcasts for entertainment and the opportunity to catch up on the back catalogue of Desert Island Discs.  Businessman John Timpson kept me company on the journey to Leeds this weekend and resonated on lots of levels – particularly because I’ve regularly experienced great

Excited by your work….the exception or the norm?

My daughter rang me yesterday bubbling over with excitement after an amazing interview for her first “proper” job… and today she was even more excited when they offered her the job.  It suddenly made me think about how infectious excitement is and equally how fragile it can be. How much of the time are you

To be or not to be?  The authenticity debate…

Catching up on the Sunday papers from a couple of weeks ago, my attention was caught by an article surfacing the debate on the value of authenticity. I certainly agree with the concept of “being true to yourself”.  But indeed, how far does this go?  Ruth Whippman, the author of the article argues that her

Ruck Law and the Impact of Disruption

So all of us who follow rugby have learnt something about the “Ruck Law” in the last couple of weeks…. I was just reflecting on some broader learning. If you’re not a rugby fan, or you missed the game, the context was that an Italian team arrived at Twickenham as 50-1 outsiders with many predicting a

Is the apprenticeship levy the elephant in the corner of your room?

When you see the words “apprenticeship levy” – are you… a) sitting into the smug zone… safe in the knowledge you’ve nailed your business approach and a ready to rock from April 1 ? b) groaning a little (maybe on the inside, but groaning nonetheless) – it’s out there, you’ve looked at it and just

“Why we’re loving Lumina Spark personality questionnaire”

The drive home from co-facilitating a Lumina Spark Team Day gave me the opportunity to reflect on exactly why we (and our clients!) really like this personality questionnaire. For me, I love the flexibility it offers and therefore the ability to really adapt it to suits the needs of a particular team (or individual!). Lumina

Measuring success by results alone – the downfall of Ranieri

I’m intrigued by the recruitment discussions that the board at Leicester City Football Club executive must find themselves in today.  Recruitment that’s required because they just sacked the manager who won the premier league in his first season, described on their own website as their ‘greatest triumph in 133 years’.   “We need to find

The Leading Edge story by the Telegraph Business Club is now a mini movie!

We love film! We’re so excited to feature in a mini-documentary hosted by the Telegraph Business Club website   The Telegraph team contacted us having heard of Leading Edge and our successes and asked if we’d feature in a short film. They interviewed me, Patrick and Clare, as well as some of our fab clients to explore what Team Green is all about

Why Sports are a GREAT Metaphor for Business

I was stopped in my tracks by the HBR article ‘Why Sports are a Terrible Metaphor for Business’.  And intrigued.  We work with high profile rugby teams including Saracens, Bath and Gloucester and global businesses like MARS and Levis, and see real synergies and value in sports into business, and business into sport. So here’s

5 years at Leading Edge?! … time flies!

5 years ago I joined Leading Edge (so LinkedIn reliably informed me this week!) .. 5 years ago David Cameron was PM, Jessie J was a No.1 with Domino and talk of the London Olympics centered around ‘how we’d never match up to Beijing/Sydney/any other prior host’ In many ways, my joining feels like a very

We had a ball! – Amazing lessons in leadership

Can you pinch me please? Did that really happen?… Did we really spend the day yesterday on the most amazing, behind the scenes, money can’t buy study tour of Saracens Rugby Club – European and Premiership Champions?! Yes. …. and to top it off, we shared the experience with some of our most esteemed partners. Yesterday

Leading Edge recruits Kara Ayley as new Client Manager

At the heart of Leading Edge is our vision for our business, our people and our clients: ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’. ..As such, we firmly believe that great partnerships start with great relationships. To help support us in further developing our amazing relationships with existing and new partners, we’re delighted