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Intelligence – can leaders have too much of a good thing?

As a rule, it’s generally held that smarter people are more successful.  However, some new research in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that when it comes to intelligence, leaders can have too much of a good thing. Researchers from the University of Lausanne asked over 300 hundred mid-level leaders to complete both a personality

Getting ‘Appy’ with Lumina Spark

I’m sure most L&D professionals would agree that one of the more challenging groups to facilitate is a room full of L&D professionals.  But we love a challenge and our Team Coach Mike McClellan recently relished being kept on his toes.  His delegates were seasoned MBTI and Insights Discovery users – to whom he introduced

Getting the Learning to Stick

As facilitators, we are always working to ensure that the learning from a session ‘sticks’ and transfers back into the workplace – it’s where we get ROI. So I was excited to recently stumble on the Radio 4’s series ‘How to Have a Better Brain’ and in particular the episode on ‘Sleep’, as it got

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Big news! How England Rugby are developing the next generation

Today’s press release from England Rugby. We’re so proud to be part of this: England Rugby are helping develop the future stars of the game with a series of unique activities. Over the past year England Rugby, in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors, have exposed selected players from their age-grade sides to a number of off-the-pitch

Effectiveness v’s Efficiency in the World of Learning

I attend events like the World of Learning Conference like Patrick’s dog Barney approaches meeting new dogs (so he tells me -Patrick not Barney!) I bound off with bags of enthusiasm about the possibilities and often return with my metaphorical tail between my legs, slightly deflated by my expectations not being met So today I

A new muscle to flex: Mindful Coaching

Mindfulness is one of those concepts that many of us nod to having heard about.  It seems to have replaced Wellbeing (last year’s corporate buzzword) and has a Marmite-like ability to divide L&D professionals into Lovers and Haters. I was intrigued to receive an invite to a CIPD Branch event entitled Mindful Coaching this week…

Tracy’s training journey

One of our very own Team Green – Tracy Dell – is in the last few days of training to compete in the Figure Category of a bodybuilding competition this weekend. Talk about setting challenging targets and being totally focussed on achieving goals, and Tracy is your woman! Our Team Coaches spend their days supporting

Introducing our leadership point of view

Much excitement (and sense of personal achievement for me!) this week as we unveil our leadership point of view The third of our perspectives on the areas we’re proud to call ourselves experts in… alongside change and teams, the leadership point of view has taken a while to form Why?  A couple of reasons really,

Team Green welcomes John Anderson MBE

We’re delighted to share that John Anderson MBE has joined the Leading Edge team, as a Team Coach and Executive Coach. John led the British Canoeing Olympic Performance Programme as the Performance Director for 20 years, spanning five Olympic Games. He focussed on developing and creating an environment of high performance within which the athletes

We’re on the lookout for great Team Coaches

We’re always looking for great Team Coaches to join us at Leading Edge, and we’re hosting another of our Coffee and Croissant mornings at L.E Towers on Friday 6th October. It’s an opportunity for potential Team Coaches to come and meet Team Green, have a chat and see if there’s a match. For your chance

Getting the most out of your holiday

This weekend I started packing for our holiday, which if I’m honest is not my favourite task. However, as I engaged the children in hunting out their toys to take (snorkles, boogy boards and pool inflatables in their case) we started to get excited as we discussed our impending adventures.  And not only that, brushing

Do we need to Digitox?

Our Leading Edge Point of View on Change has a number of components, which came to mind as I read the book ‘Digitox: How to Find a Healthy Balance for Your Family’s Digital Diet’ (Proud to say it’s written by one of our own ‘Team Green’ colleagues, Mark Ellis!). As Eddie Obeng’s New World Management