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Action Planning with Impact

Recently we’ve been supporting a client with a series of ‘Hot House’ events.  The concept is to remove a team from their day to day activities so they can focus on solving their key business issues.  As well as improving their team effectiveness, they are set a financial challenge target. These require some nifty facilitation

Honouring Team History

We’re excited this week to be talking with a client about creating behaviours for shared culture in their organisation.  The time is now right for their two merged teams to focus on ‘how’ they are going to work together to become a united, high performance team. We think that our ‘Honour History Timeline Activity’ will

It’s all down to ‘Discovery’!

Over the last few weeks, conversations with several of our Team Coaches have highlighted a really important part of our Leading Edge approach – Discovery. Discovery is the first part of our 4D’s: Discovery, Design, Deliver and Develop. Discovery is key to us understanding our client’s business, culture and people.  How we approach this ranges

Loving the virtual world!

One of the things I enjoy about starting a New Year is planning the diary and shaping the year ahead. Reflecting back, I realised the biggest shift in my diary is the use of virtual technology. My calendar this year contains lots of virtual meetings, learning webinars and virtual classroom delivery. And colleagues are starting

Getting New Year’s Resolutions to stick

  As we head into the New Year weekend, many people will be taking the opportunity to look back on 2017. I like to do a bit of “GUBA” myself – reflecting on the year and thinking what made it Good, Ugly, Bad and Awesome.   I find thinking about all those Good and Awesome

Our Christmas Wishes

As we come to the end of another amazing year at LE Towers, we’re all looking forward to a relaxing and re-energising Christmas with our loved ones On our last morning in the office, (fuelled by Bucks Fizz and smoked salmon blinis!), we’ve been sharing some great memories of the year… of new team members

Influencing and Collaboration with SCARF

The cold weather may have had many of us reaching for our hats and scarves and it was no different in the training room this week, with a group of delegates using Dr David Rock’s SCARF model to hot up their influencing skills. As part of a programme to develop agility as internal consultants, the

Staring at the Scoreboard with Five Dysfunctions of a Team

We love a challenge and last week a team event for senior leaders required some ‘warrior moments’ from one of our Team Coaches, to ensure a high support/high challenge session moved the team forwards. A key moment came when interpreting the results of the team’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni) assessment questionnaire. The

Busting Beliefs in time for Christmas!

For organisations embarking on a change programme, it’s the perfect time of year to introduce an approach for busting unhelpful beliefs that create resistance to change.  All thanks to Father Christmas! At a client conference last week, Patrick Marr (Leading Edge, Owner Director) introduced the group of 120 leaders to a process what will enable

Intelligence – can leaders have too much of a good thing?

As a rule, it’s generally held that smarter people are more successful.  However, some new research in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that when it comes to intelligence, leaders can have too much of a good thing. Researchers from the University of Lausanne asked over 300 hundred mid-level leaders to complete both a personality

Getting ‘Appy’ with Lumina Spark

I’m sure most L&D professionals would agree that one of the more challenging groups to facilitate is a room full of L&D professionals.  But we love a challenge and our Team Coach Mike McClellan recently relished being kept on his toes.  His delegates were seasoned MBTI and Insights Discovery users – to whom he introduced

Getting the Learning to Stick

As facilitators, we are always working to ensure that the learning from a session ‘sticks’ and transfers back into the workplace – it’s where we get ROI. So I was excited to recently stumble on the Radio 4’s series ‘How to Have a Better Brain’ and in particular the episode on ‘Sleep’, as it got