Reconnecting teams as we emerge from Covid-19

Kirsty Lawrence, TUI

Our May virtual Performance Hub saw us discussing and sharing thoughts on how we can re-engage individuals and teams into a workplace that looks, works and for many, exists, entirely differently to before the first phase of Covid-19

Hosted via Microsoft Teams, we were delighted to be joined by Kirsty Lawrence, Director of Aviation HR and Northern Regions Airline HR, for TUI, the world’s leading tourism group, in a sector massively impacted by the pandemic.

While Kirsty was keen to stress she ‘doesn’t have all the answers’, she is working in the reality of bringing thousands of employees back into the business – some as individuals rejoining teams, but many others as intact operational teams where none of them have been in the workplace for 12 months or more.

Kirsty’s perspective came after some context setting fron Don Barrell, Performance Advisor to Leading Edge, and Michaela Weller, Director; Brand and Offer.  Attendees then spent 30 mins in small peer based breakout conversations to explore some of the challenges and to share and build ideas.

Performance Hub Summary May 2021 Reconnecting Teams post Covid


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