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Patrick : “I am so privileged not only to work with interesting people who have inspirational stories to share but to be able to spend time with them and really get to know them. This happens for me with our sport and business clients, in my coaching role at Dragons Rugby and with Team Green at Leading Edge.”

“Greg Bateman is one of these people. A senior player at Dragons and founder of People’s Captain – a craft beer company with an important focus on ‘making beers count’ while helping to take people from mental health awareness to action. Not forgetting the target his People’s Captain Foundation has set of raising £1 million for positive mental health.”

Bringing People’s Captain to our Performance Hub community

Leading Edge are chuffed to have some great things planned with Greg and People’s Captain, where his passion for positive mental health and his personal experience of suffering because of issues with mental health will benefit many others.

Coming up first in our collaboration is the Leading Edge Performance Hub on 4 August, where Greg will tell his story of how a moment over a beer with a friend, in his words, “saved his life”. This close friend had realised that the easiest way to get Greg to open up would be over a beer – and it was.

You can hear Greg talking to Patrick briefly here 

Patrick: “At Dragons Rugby, Greg is inspirational around mental health, particularly for some of the younger players. He’s a well-respected senior player – also a big guy – and by talking so openly, he’s opened the door for others to be this way as well. As a club, we’re focused on creating a psychologically safe environment, and Greg’s almost given the players permission to be honest about how they’re feeling. That goes a long way in the rugby environment they’re in.”

The Performance Hub environment isn’t a rugby dressing room (thankfully!) but it is a place where people are all about high performance – keen to hear compelling insights and to share in mutual beneficial discussions. Mental health has always been a hot topic for the community. At recent events we’ve discussed how organisations and individuals could do more to prevent ‘burnout’ and gone deeper into the link between psychological safety and high performance.

Leaders as wellbeing role models

We’re in a post-pandemic world where business will never be the same again. But we’re also in a time of increased awareness around how our mental health affects us, of higher expectation around employee wellbeing, and of much talk about how leaders must recognise their need to step up, engage with organisational wellbeing initiatives and be the role models their teams need to see.

Patrick: “Greg is not only at the top of his game but he also has an MBA and is an entrepreneur. He’s such an impressive guy. We all have difficult times but he’s prepared to face into his and come out stronger, putting himself in a position where he can use his story positively to inspire and help others. As leaders, being authentic and showing our vulnerability can make all the difference in encouraging others to feel comfortable being themselves.”

People’s Captain is about making moments count. Sharing a beer with a friend or enjoying a coffee with a work colleague are things we haven’t been able to do easily this past year, but we can all make a difference with these interactions now that we can.

Patrick: “Valuing moments together is strong in our culture at Leading Edge as well, and I think this is a timely reminder of how important it is to find that moment to catch up with a friend or to make time for a colleague – and really making it count when we do.  I’m excited to hear Greg talk about all this and more at our Performance Hub next month.”

Numbers are limited, so please contact if you’re able to join us. (And we promise not to think you’re just in it for the beer…)

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