Introducing Performance Edge

Leading Edge are excited to announce the creation of a sister company – Performance Edge – which is jointly owned by Patrick Marr and high performance experts Chris Musgrove and Ian Leman.

Performance Edge will place ‘the human aspect of performance front and centre to support teams and individuals to achieve high performance in corporate and sports environments.

Both Chris and Ian have military backgrounds – Chris in the Royal Navy and Ian in the Royal Air Force. They crossed paths with Patrick while partnering Leading Edge to deliver a character development session for England Rugby’s U20s, placing players in challenging high pressure situations to help build and strengthen their communication skills.

The ability to have proving conversations that reveal ‘human data’ – valuable information about an individual’s perceptions, beliefs and mindset – is enhanced by knowing when to listen, being able to suspend judgement and managing emotions. Chris and Ian have used this approach successfully to tap into the human component of performance in their business, PDP Performance, since 2019. They now move forward as Owner Directors of Performance Edge with Patrick and Michaela Weller as a Director.

Chris says, “The step forward we’re taking with Patrick and Michaela as Performance Edge is very exciting. We’re proud of the great successes we’ve had in the past two years, helping amazing clients to develop high performance, and now being part of this new company presents a fantastic opportunity to continue what we love, to evolve and to truly see where human data can take the teams and individuals we’re privileged to work with.”

Strong value set in common

Chris, Ian and Patrick


Patrick Marr, Owner Director of Leading Edge and Performance Edge, says: “Leading Edge and Performance Edge are separate companies but there are many natural synergies, especially our focus on high performance. It’s exciting to know there are so many similarities in our approach, values and client types – our cultures are strong and aligned.

“Ian hugely impressed me with the work with the U20s. And recently both Chris and Ian ran a challenging workshop at Dragons Rugby To help players explore how they interact with each other and quickly understand each other’s views, vital for their sporting environment.”

“Leading Edge are experts in high performance. But we’re also truly inspired by it. We’ve had success translating high performance across business and sport, and this military angle with a focus on the human component definitely feels like an area where there are points of excellence with great transferability. The businesses will enhance each other and we’ll be conscious of the natural opportunities where clients can benefit from different yet complementary approaches to high performance, whether it’s for a specific need within a programme or as part of a broader organisational approach.”

“What stands out for me is the absolute focus Chris and Ian have on being helpful and useful to their clients. They hold themselves to account on this – immersing themselves to fully understand their clients, and therefore be able to do the right and best thing for them, in the same way we do with our belief that if it matters to you, it matters to us.”

High performance – the Performance Edge way 

The information within the human (the intangible human component) sits alongside any technical or tactical aspect of performance. It’s highly valuable – for individuals and organisations – but often untapped. Drawing out this rich information helps people understand how they interact, how they behave, how they can influence and how they’re likely to respond in different situations.

Ian adds: “We’ve experienced plenty of situations where the human component is the critical piece of the story, and we bring these different perspectives, angles and frames to our client conversations. By completely immersing ourselves in their environments, and remaining humble and open to learning in a way that benefits everyone, we can gather the all-important human insight and point it at the problem to enable and encourage high performance.”

“Through Performance Edge, we’re looking forward to the many ways we can evolve what we know is highly effective. And we’re inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with Leading Edge and their experienced and talented Team Coaches to add value to clients, evolve existing relationships and build new ones.”

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