Performance Edge.

Who we are

Performance Edge bring a new perspective, a unique story and actionable insight. Our goal is to enhance your existing process and structures by unleashing the human aspects that drive high performance behaviour and influence.

Our ambition and mission is to enhance performance through facilitating greater understanding of people, their connections and their unique perspectives.

Performance in business and sport is driven by 3 types of information – technical, tactical and human.  Organisations are generally excellent at capturing and utilising the first two.  But the human information is often overlooked or ‘left on the table’, missing huge potential advantages.

In elite environments where the technical and tactical gaps between competitors are getting smaller all the time, extracting, understanding and utilising this human intelligence, gives organisations and individuals  a unique force multiplier.

Our military experience saw us deploy all over the world, engaging with and understanding terrorists, drug smugglers, local commanders and the internal hierarchy.  We dealt with extreme fixed mindsets, and often started our interactions on the worst possible footings, with hostility and high emotion present.  We had to rapidly understand perspective, build rapport and find ways to get information that others did not want to share, against a backdrop of high pressure and high stakes.

Since leaving the military, our work with high performance organisations including TEAMGB Olympians, Dragons Rugby, Mayer Brown and Imperial College, London, has continued to refine our thinking and build our belief in the limitless possibility of enhancing the human skill for successful interactions, through gaining better insight and mastery of influence.  We’re all about ‘high performance conversations.’

What we do

The team

Ian Leman

Owner Director

Chris Musgrove

Owner Director

Patrick Marr

Owner Director

Michaela Weller


Peter Abrahamson

Finance Director


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