How many people does it take to run a Marathon?

Marathon running is a solo activity, isn’t it?   Hours of pounding the roads and byways on training runs, with a hydration pack and an mobile phone for emergencies

Having just run Dublin Marathon this weekend, I’ve been reflecting on the many faces of the ‘support team’ that make a marathon possible



Kate Davies, Head Physiotherapist Birmingham Royal Ballet, England Rugby & Equestrian Team, spoke at our recent High Performance event about ‘who’s on your bus? Who are the support team that you need around you on your journey?’ 

For me, my Marathon support team included

  • my chiropractor John and his magic KT tape,
  • my sports masseuse Michelle,
  • my training partner and running coach Marion,
  • the ‘online cheer leaders’ from my RunTogether running group,
  • and of course my family, colleagues and friends who flexed plans and commitments around my ‘got to long run tomorrow morning’ plans

That’s a pretty awesome team behind the scenes, one that almost rivals the Welsh Rugby Team’s crew pictured here on a hiking trip to Switzerland in July


Whether you’re aiming for a solo sport effort, trying to win a World Cup, or delivering a transformation project for your business, fail to recognize the immense value of the ‘team behind the scenes’ at your peril

As Lewis Hamilton says ‘“When we win, my family, team. and fans feel the joy as well. That’s why I say we win and lose together, and I definitely couldn’t do it without them.”

Who’s in your support team?


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