World Mental Health Day.. find the time to ‘just talk’

There’s seems to be a focus day every day of every week week .. World Doughnut Day, Kiss a RedHead Day,… and I guess we all choose to mark those which are important or relevant to us

Today is World Mental Health Day.  And that’s one day relevant and important to all of us.

Mental health issues still face stigma and misunderstanding, so a focus day that allows us to pause and discuss our own thoughts, preconceptions and wellbeing will aid the global conversation.

The CIPD have recently launched a revised mental health guide for managers in conjunction with Mind (the mental health charity) (You can find the details here –

Perhaps we can all make time today to ‘just talk’ about Mental Health with a colleague, partner or friend.  No drama, no big HR process, no awkward clunkiness.. just a genuine and authentic ‘did you know its World Mental Health Day?’ may start a conversation you’ll be very glad you had.


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