Wimbledon OR Love

As Wimbledon comes to a close this weekend, I was intrigued by the throw away line many media outlets reported about Cibulkova, the No. 19 seed.
Cibulkova had progressed to the quarterfinals, where she faced Vesnina.. and it became clear that if she progressed she faced a real challenge around the scheduling of the final.
It is the date she has planned for her wedding, home in Bratislava….

She told the media, when they queried her planning of her wedding on such a key date “I never saw myself as such a great grass-court player.”

Well, no surprise here then that she didn’t progress in the competition. Such a clear case of a ‘self-limiting belief’ as you’ll ever see.

For as long as she had a ‘better option’ of where to spend her time on Saturday (and I have to romantically believe the wedding is the ‘better option’!), how strong was her real desire to win, to progress, how aspirational was the goal?

Hunger is often a ‘dirty’ word in modern working rhethoric – it suggests aggression, competitiveness at all costs, a selfish pursuit of the goal.

But surely an ‘appetite’ to attain success needs to be given free reign – one unhampered by the challenges of organising favours, wedding rehearsals and concerns about pageboy behaviour.
Let’s hope the ‘unexpected success’ Cibulkova achieved this year continues throughout her long and happy married life, and that we see her further exceed her own expectations next year.

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