“Why we’re loving Lumina Spark personality questionnaire”

The drive home from co-facilitating a Lumina Spark Team Day gave me the opportunity to reflect on exactly why we (and our clients!) really like this personality questionnaire.

For me, I love the flexibility it offers and therefore the ability to really adapt it to suits the needs of a particular team (or individual!).

Lumina Spark has 3 levels of detail:

  • 24 ‘qualities’ (personality characteristics) which feed into
  • 8 personality ‘aspects’, which wrap up into
  • 4 colour preferences

The particular team (of 16 people) we were working with hadn’t previously used a personality questionnaire to understand their team dynamic.  For them what really resonated was understanding the 4 main colour preferences – Commanding Red and Conscientious Blue were most common in the team.  There were several lightbulb moments as they considered the impact of this strong team culture on the few team members who led with Empowering Green and Inspiring Yellow.  What strengths were they missing out on harnessing and, most importantly, what were they going to do differently moving forward!

Some of their feedback included:

  • “easy to understand and apply”
  • “fun & interactive”
  • “a very useful self-assessment tool”
  • “the art is in being able to understand other peoples preferred communication styles and adopting”
  • “I learnt why I need to change my approach”

As an already strong, mature team, they quickly grasped the concepts and were keen to move to ‘so what’ (helped by their ‘Commanding Red’ preference!).

And I haven’t even talked about the 3 personas in Lumina Spark (the ‘everyday’ me, the ‘overextended’ me, the ‘underlying’ me), nor the highly engaging Lumina Spark app for interacting with portraits on your phone or tablet…I’ll leave that to my next blog…

Sam Eddleston
Learning Curator and Team Coach


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