Welcoming new Team Coaches – Team Green style

It was a pleasure to immerse some fabulous new Team Coaches into Leading Edge recently and it got me thinking about how Team Coaches come to us, what we look for, and how we make sure they get a memorable Team Green welcome!

In recent months, we’ve been delighted to meet and bring on board many new Team Coaches so that we can continue to match the diversity of our clients and their industries with a Team Coach community brimming with unique skills (or ‘superpowers’, as we like to call them).



Nothing beats a recommendation

Recommendations are incredibly powerful, and I absolutely love receiving them from our Team Coaches. Leading Edge have grown organically – mostly through client recommendation – as have Team Green.

So when one of our Team Coaches thinks a fellow facilitator in their network stands out for having a Team Green feel about them, it’s a brilliant start. I’ll listen to their story, keen to understand the synergies, and take it from there.

A great Leading Edge Team Coach needs to be able to wear many hats. Five, in fact! Facilitator, Coach, Learning expert, Business consultant and Be there for you. Helping to bring these hats to life for a new joiner sits with me.

‘Immersion Day’

New Team Coaches receive a warts-and-all induction from me. I bring the Team Coach perspective and get them up to speed on everything HR related while immersing them into the community and pairing them up with a Team Coach buddy. Their time with Patrick and Michaela focuses more broadly so they get a rounded introduction into our beliefs, our values and our offer to clients.

The Leading Edge Immersion Day is making quite a name for itself. It’s a day around Leamington Spa, our base, to understand our backstory, get to know our favourite places, engage with our Points of View, and really feel what it means to be part of Team Green.

We finish this busy and highly collaborative day by gifting Team Coaches a book of their choice, something they’ve always wanted to read in the space of leadership, change or teams.

Joining a strong community

Our Team Coach community is made up of amazing people who want to learn, share and grow. We’re delighted that recent new joiners bring energy from different sectors and walks of life, continually broadening our expertise in seeking out high performance in business and sport.

I know that newer members of Team Green will be a fantastic fit, both within Leading Edge and when supporting our brilliant clients. Like all our Team Coaches, they’re aligned with our points of view while being forward-looking and bringing a strong sense of what they think to complement the perspective.

I’ve already witnessed amazing superpowers on display and I look forward to seeing these unique skills at work in the months ahead.

Leading Edge Team Coaches are all profiled here, so why not read a bit about them and hear them describe what they love about what they do. Or take a look at a ‘Team Coach Life’ blog to find out how they’ve been supporting our fabulous clients.



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