We had a ball! – Amazing lessons in leadership

Can you pinch me please? Did that really happen?… Did we really spend the day yesterday on the most amazing, behind the scenes, money can’t buy study tour of Saracens Rugby Club – European and Premiership Champions?!


…. and to top it off, we shared the experience with some of our most esteemed partners. Yesterday was really special. Special, humbling and a brilliant learning experience.

We were all lucky enough to experience, fly-on-the-wall style, Saracens first team squad in action during game preparations for their huge clash with Leicester Tigers on Saturday.

It was one of those days that, in time, I think I will look back and pinch myself about.


  1. From the moment we walked in, we saw a team authentically living their ‘Why’ – “to make memories”.  The walls were adorned with pictures capturing special moments together – on and off the pitch.
  2. We saw first hand the importance of focussing on culture first, performance second; and how this is brought to life in all they do. No talk of “winning”, but a real focus on the things that make them unique: real team work, togetherness, and laughter – of which there was a lot.
    Co-operation is key. Treat every game the same.
  3. We got to experience first hand how this formidable rugby team are brilliant because by treating people unbelievably well, they get in return players who work unbelievably hard. There is no preferential treatment here, but a belief that keeping reasonably talented people together for a long time beats bringing exceptional on pitch talent together, without the Saracens values.
  4. To top it off, we got to do all of this with our partners from GLH, Greene King, Wickes and Mars. Amazing to see the impact this had on them.

saracens-st-2 saracens-st-group

Great day, and some real memories created for me – thank-you Saracens and Leading Edge.

Can’t wait now for Saturday’s game against rivals Leicester Tigers; seeing their meticulous preparations playing out in front of us, expanding our learnings about high performance teams, and continuing this journey with our partners.Great day, and some real memories created for me – thank-you Saracens and Leading Edge.

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