We all need Highly Effective Team Players

Highly Effective Teams has been one of the cornerstones of our Leading Edge expertise for a number of years now.  It typically takes shape as a series of 3 x 1-2 day events exploring, sharing, confirming and committing to key aspects of team performance.

Excitingly we have developed this further with one of our clients, to focus on the key aspects of being a Highly Effective Team Player (HETP!).  This workshop has been designed for team members, whose managers have participated in a full HET programme.  During the 1 day session we focus on:

  • ensuring everyone is clear the elements that contribute to being a Highly Effective Team
  • encouraging everyone to consider and share their ‘SuperPowers’
  • valuing diversity within a team (using Lumina Spark or Insights Discovery personality questionnaires)
  • exploring how the organisation’s ‘Expectations’ can be lived more fully to help the team be even more effective
  • and (most importantly!), committing to pragmatic actions that will improve team performance

One of the key elements is the recognition that in a matrixed organisation, most people work in several teams.  Hence all the activities are set within this context.

Feedback has been great and if you see people wearing ‘superpower’ t-shirts on the street, you’ll know where they’ve been!

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