Was lack of goals (or lack of Goal?) to blame for the Liverpool result

Yes I admit it… I turned off the Liverpool v Crystal Palace match with less than 20 minutes to go, convinced the 3-0 lead meant Game Over.

Twitter stream this morning proved just how wrong I was.. but how did it go so wrong for Brendan Rodgers team?  I wonder if the clue may be in the definition of the goal?

Yesterday’s reports in the press of pre-match interviews were full of Brendan Rodger’s saying ‘we only have to score one goal’

Yet the team scored three, drew … and still looked like this at the final whistle

The absence of clarity in the Manager’s goal (if only he’d included the word ‘more’ in there!) lent a focus to the outcome of the match that wasn’t the right one

(Even the U8s kids teams know it’s no good banging in goals if your defence has equally big holes in it!)

Perhaps it’s inferred in the title race that the team kicks-off each match with ‘we have to win’ as the goal.

But how does a lack of clarity of goals impact in your organisation?  And in your team? Could you be confusing focus by not being ‘choicefulness’ in your language and your priorities when determining and communicating your goals and purpose?

If you can’t write down your key goals right now, why do we expect our teams to align and support the delivery of them?

Like Rodgers, we all need to be clear on our goal… and be able to communicate it in a compelling and motivating way to our team.

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