Time for a bit of CHDIIHLDOI!

This week has seen me planning the design of a change programme.  Launching this is a critical part of the process in which the leaders to engage their senior managers in the change.

One of the aspects we’ll be exploring is the Skill/Will of the team in relation to implementing the five key changes identified.  This exploration will inform the shape of the subsequent programme.  And this is where CHDIIHLDOI (Could He Do It If His Life Depended On It) comes in.  To circumvent lengthy debates about whether a performance is a ‘skill’ or ‘will’ issue we apply the Could He Do It If His Life Depended On It test.  If the answer is ‘yes’, then it’s will, or a ‘no’ identifies a skill issue.

Love a room full of people CHDIIHLDOI-ing!

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