The view from the train carriage…

I got very excited by a film that Fletch recommended to us all this week… Ford vs Ferrari

He’d used it as a great story with a high performing team in Nashville to illustrate and provoke the team to think about ‘innovation’ and ‘fail fast’ ..and had some brilliant conversations

I immediately started searching Sky and Netflix, as it sounded like a cracker, when Fletch pointed out it wasn’t on general UK release yet.

So while Fletch and his group of delegates have already got underneath the messages of the film  – I feel a little left behind.

A similar challenge is faced by organisations every day

How often do we as the leaders, the change agents, the project group have a clarity of thinking, of  information, or context that others in the organisation don’t have?

They’ve spent ages in working parties analysing, reviewing, debating and discussing – before giving a communication of ‘a new way’, ‘a decision made’, ‘a change in structure’

We describe it as the ‘view from the train carriage’ challenge


Imagine you are on a scenic railway, travelling through the beautiful Swiss Alps.  You are sat in the front carriage as the train exits a tunnel into a landscape of stunning scenery, its breathtaking.

Now imagine the view that the person in carriage E is experiencing at exactly the same moment.  Probably the inside of a dark tunnel!

They will eventually see the vista you are seeing now, but there’s an inevitable time delay


Missing the reality of the difference of what others may currently be ‘seeing’ leads us to make assumptions, or start our communication from a perspective that is only ours.

It can make it harder to engage and excite others.. after all, they’re not seeing what you are seeing








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