Social media … HRs Friend or Foe?

The 3rd theme from my stage speaking at HRD Summit in Birmingham recently was

HR leaders needs to be uber-accessible to their stakeholders

Is social media a friend or foe? In this age of transparency do we even think we have the choice? The days of “Knowledge is power” are gone. Remember “My door is always open”? Unfortunately so is your filing cabinet, your diary, your hard drive and many cases web cam on your life.

Those confidential, door closed meetings are confidential for about as long as somebody tells somebody in the coffee queue and that somebody puts it on Facebook when they get back to their desk. How about a different perspective? How about we stop trying to control social media and embrace it? How about we stop for a second and realise that are organisations are full of outstanding talent?  How about we give open access to the knowledge that used to be in the confines of the boardroom to the masses? Surely 800 heads are better than 8.

If we trust, if we liberate. 

If we ask the right questions, if we recognise that in their personal lives most of our people solve more complicated personal issues than they ever come across in the workplace – the team will do the rest. Better still they’ll own the solution, they will deliver it and they will feel the flush of success. For our part we’ll learn to live in the shadows and give the win away. That’s our role as leaders.

Have you embraced social media?  How do you welcome your stakeholders into your boardroom?

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