Rivers of thinking.. and the value of time to explore

Spending time with our Team Coaches is often in service of a specific project discovery or design or client meeting or delivery of event.  Yesterday I had a great day with six of our Team Coaches in service of sharing and learning from each other around the application of our leadership Point of View.

When you create bespoke solutions, and trust your expert Team Coaches to design and deliver solutions that generate the right outcomes for delegates and stakeholders, it can be easy to assume shared understanding and interpretation of the point of view. Words like ‘trust’, ‘identity’, ‘ authentic’ are part of the leadership and development landscape that we are familiar with.


But when you pause to ask ‘what does that mean to you?’ and take time to discuss, debate and share ideas, research and stories you realise the mental shortcuts we may be making, and the hidden assumptions within them

It occurred to me later that we were all at risk of being hijacked by our ‘Rivers of Thinking’ (see DeBono’s article ‘Serious Creativity‘) 

Byron John, Insights & Innovation Director at RadMark Group, SA, created this great visual for Rivers of Thinking, which was shared by Google’s Kirk Vallis at the Quilter Kids First conference  

By taking the time to be curious, we allowed ourselves space to explore through the stimulus of peer questions.  Without the pressure of a specific deadline, or context, we had a much richer and wider ranging conversation, in service simply of being aligned together, which I’m sure otherwise may have otherwise left us entrenched in our rivers.

Our measure of the day was ‘increased confidence’ in our individual ability to work and share the Leadership Point of View with others.  (scale 1-6, starting with an average ‘mode’ score of 1-2) … think we can chalk this time spent as very worthwhile (and I’m already looking forward to our next day in a few weeks!) 





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