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Reflections on our work with Olympic and Paralympic programmes

by Chris Musgrove

21 July 2021

With the Olympics almost upon us the Performance Edge team has taken some time to reflect on our work with several Olympic and Paralympic programmes, and draw out some reflections that we hope will “be useful”.

🏅 A medal means hugely different things to different people. Talking to the external motivation isn’t enough. Understanding the values and stories that matter to the individual, are what unlocks winning performances.

Ask: what does the medal represent to you?

🏅Experiences and connections matter! One of Ian Leman‘s and Chris Musgrove‘s first experiences with elite sport came when working with some coaches, observing a training session. When they were offered the chance to join the final element (hill sprints) with some athletes, they took up the challenge and learned the hard way the difference between professional and amateur enthusiast running! This moment of fun, vulnerability and immersion started a story that could be revisited and built trust.

Find opportunities to have meaningful experiences and start a story together.

This promises to be a challenging games. The ongoing pandemic adds stress and complexity for everyone involved.

We hope everyone has a safe games and hits their potential – best of luck!

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