As the year turns..

Amongst the merriment and celebrations, as the last of the turkey is consumed and the bottom of the Quality Street tin is revealed, the seasonal nostalgia starts to creep in. A time for reflection, and consideration of the year gone by. I decided to dig out the first blog post of 2015 and (perhaps inevitably!) it was all centered around New Year’s Resolutions.

“What is a New Year’s Resolution really? Often it’s a really personal promise or commitment to change. And knowing what we know about the factors which impact sustainable change, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised if the only people around us who’re still ‘resolved’ are the Dryathletes or those who’ve paid membership to slimming groups!

We’ve been exploring the factors which enable sustainable change factors with a number of organisations using Dannemiller’s Formula for Change.


While we can often vision the future state, and know the first steps we need to take – ‘if I give up wine, I could be a size 10’ – being ‘adequately dissatisfied’ is often the common break point in sustainable change – either in whole organisations or in our personal resolutions.

Perhaps we’re better to wait to be really galvanised by a growing sense of our own and others levels of dissatisfaction before undertaking the challenge of change? And maybe then, our resolution for change will overcome our resistance and really stick.”

We’ve used the Change Equation to explore the burning platform or burning ambition with a number of clients this year… because it strikes a chord with individuals at all levels of the organisation. Sustainable change is only achievable when the sum of dissatisfaction multiplied by the compelling vision and some clear first steps is greater than the resistance felt towards the change.

As the year turns again, what will your organisations resolution be this year?

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous 2016

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