Moments of Pause

Monday was our fourth and final Team Day of 2014, and we took the opportunity that having over 20 of our team together for the day to indulge in’a moment of pause’; taking time to review our year

From the business perspective it’s easy to spot and celebrate the big wins, new clients and the decisions that step change our growth as a business (and we reminded the team of more than a few of those!)But the most inspiring part of the review was asking the team for their highlights – the stories and moments that they are proud of for our business business, and that they personally love

What came through loud and clear wasn’t the big brand names we started working with this year, or the pounds on the balance sheet. Team pride was overwhelmingly driven by the moments we’d call the ‘bumps in the road’ – where the team pulled together, helped each other out and gave 110% to support the client

Lots of love was shared for colleagues for some great moments of fun, learning and support (as much as for appropriate challenge) and great stories were retold

As I reflected on the aspects of the year that were the team’s highlights, it reminded me that in a growing business it could be so easy to lose sight of the relationships and ways of working that matter to every individual in our team

Taking the moment of pause that the Team Day afforded us meant we start 2015 with a reconnection to the things that engage, excite and empower our colleagues. Can’t wait!

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