Memories and moments

I love to read (and always aspire to write) those amazingly thought provoking ‘review of the year’ blogs.

But I am lacking a fundamental skill that I see as invaluable to succeeding in this quest … I have a shocking memory!

I regularly struggle to remember what I did yesterday.. let alone last month, last quarter or six months ago…

I could resort to flicking back though the calendar ..  but shouldn’t the moments that matter be more obvious and memorable than that?  And it’s not that I wouldn’t describe the year as ‘full of amazing moments’ …

I’ve sat and pondered for a few days .. and realised that’s the very activity that I haven’t found time for throughout the year.  Living life at 100 mph and moving from one amazing moment to another without hitting pause ..

So that’s a New Years resolution I’m committing too.. I’ve decided to download the Day One journal app to hopefully make capturing the moments a habit that I can stick with

Taking the time to journal will encourage me time to pause and reflect ..and will give me a fabulous aide memoire of the amazing moments to refer to at the end of the year

heres to a reflective New Year







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