Logical Levels in Action!

Two of our ‘Team Green’ Team Coaches recently paired up to run the first cohort of an exciting new leadership development programme.  Our duo used Dilts Logical Levels to stimulate the group’s thinking about What Makes You ‘You’?  In particular, using DILTS to explore a result or outcome that is and is not being achieved at the moment.

So what is Dilts?  These ‘logical levels’ (an NLP technique, first proposed by Robert Dilts) are often used to provide a structure for examining what is happening in any individual, group or organisation.  They define six levels of thinking or situation.  Listening out for the language people are using and encouraging them to examine another level will change the problem and bring new perspective.

  1. Environment – the external conditions in which behaviour takes place and in which we operate
  2. Behaviour – actions and reactions by an individual within the environment
  3. Capabilities – the ‘how’ level
  4. Values and Beliefs – the ‘why’ level
  5. Identity – ‘who’ you are (sense of self)
  6. Purpose – the ‘what else’ beyond the individual

A great tool for these leaders to have in their kitbag going forwards – both for themselves and when coaching their teams.

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