Local Elections – next step Impactful Action Planning!

Today’s news is dominated by the results of yesterday’s Local Council Elections with the overall picture is showing a fair degree of change.  So new teams needing to quickly identify what they’re going to take to have an impact in their area.

A great tool when facilitating teams with action planning is the Impact vs Difficulty grid.  An excellent way to prioritise a team’s activity and engage everyone in the actions.  The first step in the process is to capture the team’s ideas for handling the issue, then sort these into 4 boxes of difficulty (hi/lo) vs impact (hi/lo).

An important part is for the team to deal with the low impact items. To agree to stop talking about the difficult ones and to agree the easy/low impact items are distractions that can be parked.

For the high impact items, the easy (quick wins) can be quickly actioned. For the difficult / high impact items, teams work out which top priority ones they will wrestle down and tackle (plus of course, how, when and by who!).

I love the thought of our councillors moving post-it notes around a grid – wouldn’t it be great to observe the process in action?!

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