Lending a virtual hand to clients

I was so touched to receive some wonderful feedback from our client Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) last week after we facilitated a free virtual session around leading through disruptive change.

This was the first virtual session we’d planned and delivered following our email offer of support that went out to clients the week before. Leading Edge have great clients who we’ve partnered with for years – and we know they’re going through turmoil. Everything is so fast-paced, and leaders are having to do some very quick thinking and make crucial decisions.

Patrick, Michaela and I got our (virtual) heads together to think about ways to offer our expertise in support. Clients have truly appreciated our suggestion to facilitate a 90-minute virtual session while they explore challenging aspects around change, leadership and performing as a highly effective team in this disrupted environment.

It’s great to be speaking to our clients right now to understand how best we can support a group of leaders or project team in this way. On leadership journeys with clients, we talk a lot about the ‘shadow cast by a leader’. This is so important right now because we all look to leaders for guidance and direction in times like these.

In a true partnership, you help each other out. The feedback we received after last week’s session from Neil Marsons, JLR’s Global Supplier Technical Assistance & Programmes Director, absolutely supports what a great partnership we’ve developed over the years.

“The session was absolutely fantastic, well thought through, positive, engaging and uplifting – at a time when everyone needed it. It was a great, comfortable, well-led and facilitated intervention which we are all very grateful for. Thank you so much for reaching out initially with the offer, thank you for listening to me in preparation, and thank you for a brilliant session. Leading Edge – we owe you one.”

Thank you, Neil. Best wishes to you and your team during this time and we look forward to supporting you and JLR again soon.



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Victoria Freer-Hewish

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