Learning impact – 12 levers of effectiveness

Heading to events like WOLCE or CIPD annual conference are fabulous time for us L&D types to refresh our knowledge, often with ‘ah yes I know that’ moments, but every so often you catch a gem that sends you into a google/research spin

This week a speaker at the World of Learning conference made reference to the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. Don’t judge me, but it’s not something I had come across as a model

For those also uninitiated, the concept in a nutshell is that in determining the successful impact of ‘learning’ on shifting behaviour, skills and beliefs, there are 3 areas critical transfer effectiveness

  • the trainee
  • the training design
  • and the organisation

Within those three areas, there are 3, 4 and 5 levers respectively that need to be focused on to deliver effective transfer (and therefore ROI)

I think if you’d ask me to suggest the three elements of transfer, I would have quickly named those. (Maybe not with those words, but certainly as concepts we’d explore during any Discovery and Design work)

But what has piqued my interest in this thinking is the depth of the ‘organisation’ levers – 5 of them, from ‘application opportunity’ to ‘support from supervisor’ to ‘transfer expectation in the organisation’.

How often are L&D trainers or consultants brought into organisations to ‘fix’ the delegates, to give them the magic ‘shot in the arm’ in the form of a one day workshop, that will mean they can ‘lead/motivate/manage performance/coach/time manage/change’ by the end of the day?  What a waste of investment if the organisation hasn’t activated the body of ‘levers’ that will enable the learning to thrive and have impact.

Learning impact is never achieved by a ‘one and done’ activity.  In times when time and funds are rightly carefully accounted for, a collective awareness and planning for success seems ever more critical.


Further reading: https://www.transfereffectiveness.com/levers-of-transfer-effectiveness


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