Knowing that it matters

What a great weekend of Rugby for England!

The senior squad gave another outstanding performance in the second test against Argentina winning the series 2-nil, the Women’s team winning in New Zealand, while England’s Under 20s made it to yet another final in the World Rugby Under 20 Championships.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a real passion for rugby and I feel very privileged to be lucky enough to work within rugby too.  One day, we’ll be supporting global market-leading organisations with performance challenges. The next, we’re helping to develop the winning characteristics and personalities of England Rugby’s next generation.

I felt such a sense of pride this weekend as young players I’ve watched grow and develop capability, self-awareness and understanding, stepped up to make their senior debuts in Argentina. Whilst the Under 20s put into practice strategies on the pitch that they developed off the pitch – being able to flex their style where needed.

We have a saying at Leading Edge “if it matters to you, it matters to us” and in many ways that is my biggest personal driver, seeing somebody who worked hard achieving something that really matters!

For many organisations, it could be an improvement in team performance that helps to drive delivery of a new strategy.  Or an organisational design change that enhances business performance.  Those types of results clearly matter.

What I find truly humbling is when we hear about the effect our support has had on a personal level.  To get a phone call, or see a tweet, from a ‘delegate’ that reflects what the learning has meant and just how much it matters.

I think most of us have something in our work that makes it all worthwhile – makes it special.  Watching these young men belting out the national anthem, having put on an England shirt for the first time and knowing we were a small part of the journey is a real ‘pinch me’ moment for me!

That’s how I know that it really matters.

Patrick Marr
Owner Director


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Patrick Marr

Owner Director

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