It’s all down to ‘Discovery’!

Over the last few weeks, conversations with several of our Team Coaches have highlighted a really important part of our Leading Edge approach – Discovery.

Discovery is the first part of our 4D’s: Discovery, Design, Deliver and Develop.

Discovery and the 4Ds

Discovery is key to us understanding our client’s business, culture and people.  How we approach this ranges from desk based reviews of company information such as organisational charts and business performance, to more hands on interaction.  This might include phone conversations with key stakeholders, shadowing members of the team in meetings or on site visits, or running focus groups.

We’ve recently added a new tool to our kit bag – Ombea.  Using this response system we can ask questions and poll people’s opinions (on their Smartphones) and Ombea  displays their live results within our PowerPoint slides.

This tool was perfect for a recent Discovery activity where different levels of manger present in a focus group had the potential to stifle fully open conversation.  Ombea meant we could poll anonymously against some probing questions, and had a great discussion about the range of responses without exposing individuals.  Perfect.

Why is Discovery so critical?  There are a number of facets to this.

  • Effective discovery ensures that programmes are pitched at an appropriate level, use appropriate models and learning methods and our Team Coaches speak the delegate’s language
  • Conversations with participants gain their buy-in to the programme and reduces the amount of ‘introduction’ time needed
  • Knowledge of the business enables us to link the design to what is real and current within the business and gives our Team Coaches credibility

Ultimately our experience is that upfront Discovery activity typically leads to fewer tweaks to programme content in the longer term.  And who wouldn’t want that?

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