Introducing our leadership point of view

Much excitement (and sense of personal achievement for me!) this week as we unveil our leadership point of view

The third of our perspectives on the areas we’re proud to call ourselves experts in… alongside change and teams, the leadership point of view has taken a while to form

Why?  A couple of reasons really,

  • stating a point of view is emotive.  We’ve had some robust internal conversations, investigations and self examinations .. every word has been reviewed for nuances, perceptions and implications (its quite a revealing process actually!) Its not a valuable ‘point of view” if it’s vanilla, familiar or representative of the majority … it needs to be provocative, challenging, questioning and representative of Leading Edge
  • defining a viewpoint on leadership feels more ‘person centred’ than a point of view on change or teams (both of these are very individual centred but in a collective context, but this point of view by its nature explores more personable skills, traits and behaviours). Asking ourselves “what do we see in the best leaders?” feels like a very different question to “what do we see in best teams?”

We’ve introduced the leadership point of view to our Team Coaches in a virtual team meeting this week, with some great shared stories and robust discussion.

Often our harshest critics on content, the metaphorical thumbs up (and great questions) from across this team of leadership experts will lead to some very exciting conversations in the coming weeks.  Looking forward to it!

Leadership Point of View

Click here to see our leadership point of view in more detail

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