Getting the Learning to Stick

As facilitators, we are always working to ensure that the learning from a session ‘sticks’ and transfers back into the workplace – it’s where we get ROI.

So I was excited to recently stumble on the Radio 4’s series ‘How to Have a Better Brain’ and in particular the episode on ‘Sleep’, as it got me thinking about an new tactic we could add to our learning reinforcement toolkit.

Research shows that when we learn something new it creates a connection between nerve cells.  As we sleep, this connection strengthens and stabilises into a memory.  The researcher’s tip therefore for revising students was to complete trial questions in their head before they go to sleep, as this will help cement the information.

Most Leading Edge events typically end with a ‘So What’ session.  But in addition to recapping the day and delegates highlighting their key learns and commitments (through various means), this research suggests we could also prompt people to review these learns just before they fall asleep, to good effect!

So who’s up for a little pre-sleep experiment?  It’s gotta beat my teenage tactic of sleeping with my books under my pillow the night before an exam!

Sam Eddleston
Learning Curator and Team Coach


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