Getting New Year’s Resolutions to stick


As we head into the New Year weekend, many people will be taking the opportunity to look back on 2017. I like to do a bit of “GUBA” myself – reflecting on the year and thinking what made it Good, Ugly, Bad and Awesome.


I find thinking about all those Good and Awesome experiences often makes me feel happy all over again. But the next step is also key – the so what? What can I do to help create Good and Awesome in 2018 and what can I learn from and do about the Bad and Ugly. We can’t always influence those things that happen to us in life, but we can change how we respond to the challenges that life throws us.

Dannemiller’s Change Equation is part of our Leading Edge approach to change: C=(DxVxF) > R and a great model for setting New Year’s resolutions that are going to stick.



If I take the classic example of exercising more in order to get fit.

  • What is my Dissatisfaction with the current status quo? (what Ugly and Bad do I want to change?)
  • What is my Vision for a positive future state (e.g. better sleep quality; feeling healthier and about to run for the bus). Tip: this needs to be compelling!!
  • What are the First Steps I’m going to take in the direction of the vision (joining a gym, blocking out time in my diary during January, booking the first few exercise classes etc)?
  • What is my (real and perceived) Resistance?

If I make my D, V and F strong and simple enough, then its collective value will be enough to overcome the Resistance I’m going to face and the sustainable change will be enabled to happen. Watch out gym – here I come!!


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