Getting ‘Appy’ with Lumina Spark

I’m sure most L&D professionals would agree that one of the more challenging groups to facilitate is a room full of L&D professionals.  But we love a challenge and our Team Coach Mike McClellan recently relished being kept on his toes.  His delegates were seasoned MBTI and Insights Discovery users – to whom he introduced the Lumina Spark personality questionnaire as a tool for enhancing their working relationships.

The biggest hit of the day?  The fabulous Lumina Spark app.  This enables delegates to scan each other’s profiles and compare them on their phone/tablet screens.  So hooked were they, that they kept checking up on each other’s profiles over the breaks.

As the team leader pointed out “for L&D professionals who have a lot of experience in the profiling space, to see them really excited by and wanting more time to use a tool / app is a real endorsement!”

Sam Eddleston
Learning Curator and Team Coach


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