Facebooks billion users and the pace of change

Facebook announced the milestone of being used by one billion users in a day on 27 August 2015.  Only 22 months after it announced the stat of one billion users accessing the site at least once a month.

If we were in any doubt , that one comparable statistic gives us a clear indication – pace of change is

continuing to outstrip our planning, our forecasting, our vision of the future. (I wonder when the Facebook execs had projected in hit the ‘one billion users in a day’ milestone?)

Eddie Obeng’s great TED Talk about the pace of change, with the provocations:

“stop solving last year’s problems”

“you can’t base decisions on experience gained from the old world anymore” and, my favourite

“start rewarding smart failure”  is an energizing reminder that the pace of change is far faster than our pace of learning

Eddie Obeng TED Talk

What if you based your next decision on future thinking, not experience?  What if the rules don’t apply anymore?  How willing are you to be ‘smart failure’?

Maybe you’ll reach your next milestone much faster than you think.

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