Effectiveness v’s Efficiency in the World of Learning

I attend events like the World of Learning Conference like Patrick’s dog Barney approaches meeting new dogs (so he tells me -Patrick not Barney!)

I bound off with bags of enthusiasm about the possibilities and often return with my metaphorical tail between my legs, slightly deflated by my expectations not being met

So today I challenged myself to attend World of Learning with a genuine curiosity – not for the new WOW idea that I am usually seeking, but rather to explore and understand what others were saying. The learning sector is very crowded with a lot of voices – so I was keen to hear what some of those voices were saying.

I scribbled lots of notes and tweeted some of the real sound bites that resonated for me.

As I reflected post the event on what I’d really heard, I realised how much of the current learning landscape language is around ‘speed’, ‘making it easy’, ‘bite-size’.

The voices that resonated for me at WOL17 made me think about how our best and most effective growth doesn’t come from the ‘easy’ stuff ..
From the session sandwiched between important business issues

Real learning and sustainable change only takes place when we’re outside of our comfort zone, when we’re stretched and challenged and supported. When we’re encouraged and reminded and held responsible by peers and colleagues or by a sense of commitment.

Taking time to learn and practise what’s been learnt is an investment of time and effort for not only the individual but the organisation. But the changes will be far more sustainable and impactful

Maybe we should embrace Slow learning as a concept ?  And maybe Barney would be less deflated if he did the same?

Michaela Weller
Owner Director

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