Doing what we say .. curiosity about us as a team

For most of the day tomorrow, LE Towers phones will divert to voicemail and the emails of the support team will reply with Out of Office

Not because we all fancy a day in the glorious sunshine (although it appears we have been a bit jammy with that!) but because we’re taking a busman’s holiday.

With many changes in our Leamington Spa based team over the last few months, we’ve chosen to invest some time together.  We’re enjoying some Escape Room escapades, and then taking a deeper look at our individual Lumina Spark preferences and how they impact how we work together (being facilitated by one of our own Team Coaches).  They’re be some fresh pizza and fresh air thrown in there too!

It’s easy for L&D professional and businesses to overlook the internal development that we’d recommend to clients.  We face the same challenges around diary availability, and time commitments as many of our clients.

But we’re sure that to be able to authentically look a client in the eye and say ‘we do this for ourselves’ – ‘we’ve experienced those aha moments and difficult conversations.. and here’s what they meant for us’ gives our recommendation even greater credibility.

Look forward to a great day tomorrow … providing we make it out of the Escape room …



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