CIPD People Management Awards entry

Much excitement in LE Towers this week as we submitted our first ever entry for the CIPD People Management Awards.
Best HR/L&D Supplier is our aspiration, and though we’ve been supporting national and global businesses for almost 10 years, we’ve never before submitted an entry (though we’ve often talked about it).

So why this year?

Amidst all the whooping and back slapping that resounded as a result of simply achieving the submission before the deadline (crikey only knows what the celebration could be like if we actually won!), it struck me that we’ve possibly fallen into a trap that I’m sure many growing businesses experience. We don’t take enough time to celebrate success.

We are so busy striving for perfection, growth, the next opportunity, we forget to hit the ‘pause’ button, raise our heads, take a good look around and celebrate where we are. (Instead we live in perpetual motion, always looking to the horizon).

The provocation for the award submission this year came not from the Directors, or the Leadership team, but instead from our Communications Consultant, Ali, who chose to wave a flag and provoke the conversation:

“You’ve got a great story of your impact with this client, we need to shout about it!”

Interestingly, that’s also an approach that’s been taken before – and not had the success that this provocation had in calling us to action.

The difference this year was the ‘first follower’. Clare, a member of the Leadership team who didn’t have any direct involvement in the project or the client, picked up Ali’s rallying cry – and together with Ali, created momentum, focus, a reason for ‘giving it a go’.

Together they championed the opportunity for the wider business – removing the need for the very un-British self-trumpeting that those closer to the project may have felt. They gave us the ‘moment of pause’ and reminded us to stop and celebrate the milestones in the journey, not just the destination.

Will we be successfully shortlisted or better, who knows? The real win for us as a business I’m sure will be the raised awareness of recognising our impact, and reigniting our reasons to celebrate regularly!

p.s. fingers crossed too!

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