Changing Rooms

The Change House featured last week in part of an on-going Leadership Development Programme we’re proud to be supporting.  Whilst there’s sometimes debate around who the model is attributed to and the addition of two basement rooms to the original four, ultimately our aim is all about practical application and learning ‘dance not steps’.  We think the Change House is a great tool for leaders to use to understand how people respond to change and to coach their team through this.

The delegates responded brilliantly to our Team Coach taking them on a ‘tour’ of the house, imagining what would be each room and how it made them feel.  Conversation then focused on using high support / high challenge coaching to help them move their team members from Contentment & Complacency, through to Denial and Denigration into Chaos and Confusion and ultimately into ‘Renewal and Revitalisation’.

Lots of learning and laughs as the participants ‘renewed and revitalised’!


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