Business results from engagement – great insight from Coca-Cola

Great morning at the ‘Engage for Success – Engage the World’ event … sharing experiences of driving engagement across different cultures.

Hearing from representatives of companies like Coca-Cola and Sodexho, as we all told stories of our cross-cultural team experiences meant loads of great insights and soundbites from the speakers.  One that really resonated…

… for me was from Coca-Cola “We need to change the narrative from engagement for engagements sake, to the impact of engagement on business results“.

Too often organisations become so fixated on the engagement survey and resulting score… that they lose the focus on the bigger ‘why?’


We often think the link between employee engagement and profit is obvious .. but good intentions get muddied as it’s seen as a ‘people challenge’ (and therefore HR’s domain!)

At Coca Cola they say that “Engagement is business owned, HR facilitated.

We love this!

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