Action Planning with Impact

Recently we’ve been supporting a client with a series of ‘Hot House’ events.  The concept is to remove a team from their day to day activities so they can focus on solving their key business issues.  As well as improving their team effectiveness, they are set a financial challenge target.

These require some nifty facilitation from our Team Coaches, who prepare themselves with a kit bag of tools to draw upon as required.

During last week’s Hot House, one particular business issue kept surfacing.  To facilitate a resolution, our Team Coach used the Impact vs Difficulty structure.  After capturing the team’s ideas for handling the issue, they then sorted them into 4 boxes of difficulty (hi/lo) vs impact (hi/lo).

An important part of this process is for the team to deal with the low impact items.  To agree to stop talking about the difficult ones and to agree that the easy/low impact items are distractions that can be parked.

For the high impact items, the easy (quick wins) can be quickly actioned.  For the difficult / high impact items, teams work out which top priority ones they will wrestle down and tackle (plus of course, how, when and by who!).

Upshot = a complex issue that has been kicking around for a while, now has a plan for resolution!

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